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A school that consistently reach out for high standards of academic achievement.

Beyond Academic Performance

We are also interested in developing creativity in our children and building a holistic child.

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For our children, the sky is just the beginning


We wish to welcome all our present and prospective parents to Walktall International School. A school that consistently reach out for high standards of academic achievement. We know, however, that providing what children need to become exceptional adults requires more than helping them gain good academic results and that is why our concentration is in building holistic children.

Boys and girls entering the school will grow up together in a school which sets both high academic, behavioural – Moral and social and personal standards in a friendly and happy learning environment. The School will provide your child with the opportunities to develop their all-round potential through a rich and stimulating curriculum combined with a wide range of extra-curricular activities leaving you confident, knowing that your child will flourish.

Our dedicated and professional staffs promote pupil self-confidence, self-assurance and self-discipline but take care to couple this with good teaching, continuous monitoring /assessment of progress and consultation between pupils, teachers and parents. We believe that education empowers a child; it provides the necessary knowledge, concepts, skills and discipline to equip him/her to make life choices and can develop a long lasting love for learning.

We also believe that schools should not be judged solely on the results that their pupils attain but also in the way in which our pupils interact with their environment and develop as good citizens with positive principles and values. Through effective communication between children, parents and staff, we can promote a shared vision and commitment to learning through excellence and enjoyment within our local and wider community.

Our site provide adequate information about our activities but we look forward to welcoming you onsite to Walktall International School for a wider tour and experience.

Thank you

Mrs. Adebiyi O. O.

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With whispers soft and hugs so tight, They nurture dreams, through day and night. In every laugh, in every tear, Walktall mothers, always near. On this day, we celebrate your grace, In every heart, your love we trace. Walktall's strength, in you we find, Mothers...


We are thrilled to announce that our incredible pupils secured the 2nd position at the prestigious French Spelling Bee Competition organized by Delight Dayspring School, Ibafo, Ogun State. Their dedication, hard work, and passion for French language learning truly...

Hurrah! Walktall International School 1st Spelling Bee Competition comes up on Wednesday 16th June, 2021.


Philosophy of education is a branch of applied philosophy that deals with the nature and aims of education. In this blog post and two other blog posts that will follow, we shall discuss about some philosophers; their theory and practice that have contributed to the...


We are deliberate about the choices of our learning environment and human resource. Entrance to the primary classes As stated in our earlier posts, Walktall International School is a school with a difference. And this difference does not just happen. It is...

What our Parents say…

Walktall international school is known to me as a school with HIGH EDUCATIONAL and MORAL STANDARD with COMPETENT TEACHERS.

It encourages solid foundation for the pupils with affordable price( you get high value for whatever you pay for.

Walktall is not bias in imparting knowledge. They leave no stone untouched when it comes to academics. Honestly, am happy for the solid foundation given to my children.

Mrs Tokode

Thank you and God bless Walktall. We see that the same books UK cousins of our kids use here in Croydon, are the same as what our kids used at WalkTall.

Onyi is in Class 4, in the last academic session, he won the badge for Attentiveness and Reasoning in his class of 25 pupils, of which there are only 2 black kids, a couple of Asian kids and the rest Caucasian.

Please, keep the flag flying high. Long live WalkTall Intl Group of Schools.

Mr Ogbuagu

Walk School has got proven track records of excellent academic performance and their co-curriculla activities are very good

I like the way the students are being encouraged to be confident in themselves. It helps with a very good personal developments for the pupils.




Mr Obinna Okon

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