Walktall International School was founded in Ibafo in August 2007. The school operates a modern curriculum which places emphasis on the core subjects and careful monitoring of the children’s progress to ensure academic success in the school. A variety of sports, drama and extra curricular activities provide a fulfilling school and life balance; encouraging self confidence while emphasising personal discipline and concern for others.Our school operates a blend of  Montessori, Nigerian and the British curriculum.

We favour a practical approach to teaching behaviour and manners, at the same time we like to foster a happy, caring family atmosphere where the triangular partnership of parents, pupils and teachers is encouraged. The result is happy, confident, self motivated children who always go on to do very well in their future endeavours.

To be the PREFERRED educational institution offering a HOLISTIC APPROACH to teaching and giving our children the “HEADS-UP” advantage.

With commitment, creativity, and confidence, the community of Walktall International School strive to maintain a passionate environment that promotes dedicated and disciplined leaders of tomorrow through detailed guidance.


Our goal at Walktall International School is to:

  • Encourage children to maximize growth cognitively, emotionally, socially and physically.

  • Develop a whole child in a loving and respectful manner.

  • Encourage and treat each child as an individual personality with utmost importance being placed on self-esteem and verbalization of one’s feelings.

  • Provide a safe, nurturing environment while offering a wide range of activities that foster social skills, problem solving and first and foremost, having fun while learning and growing.



Our core values goes with the slogan of 3Cs, 2Ds and 1P

  • C –        Creative
  • C –        Committed
  • C –        Confidence
  • D –        Disciplined
  • D –        Determined
  • P –        Passionate

These six drivers summarise our existence.

Creativity gives us the strength to adapt with the century we operate in, as we are constantly thinking and creating change in our pupils and the environment we operate in.

Our commitment to the vision gives the strength not to relent even under stress and the confidence at which we operate cascade down to the heads up advantage in our children.

Discipline is a watchword and determination to succeed run across our children and team and our passion gives them the strength not to give up.


I can touch the sky
I can change my world
If I work at it
I can work at it.
The world is waiting for me
I must believe and I will
Give my best and win the price

Be everything you wanna be
The sky is just the beginning
If you look inside your heart
Be everything you wanna be
The sky is just the beginning


I pledge to Walktall my citadel of learning

Makers of life pioneers

To be upright, loyal and obedient to her dictates

To love my teachers, and my studies

Striving hard to thirst and hunger for knowledge

Lifting up the banner of good success

For a “heads up” advantage

So help me God.

Enrol your child today

A better future starts here