We are deliberate about the choices of our learning environment and human resource.

Entrance to the primary classes

As stated in our earlier posts, Walktall International School is a school with a difference. And this difference does not just happen. It is intentional! We are deliberate about the choice of our learning environment and human resource. By environment, we mean the physical, psychological and instructional.
Our focus today will be on instructional environment and human resource.

The Early Years and Primary Classes

For instructional environment, we do not focus only on how we teach. We focus on what we teach as well. The “how” matters as much as the “what”. We cannot achieve this without good human resources. As it is for every businesses and institutions, the people involved can make or mar the profit or progress of the product. This is why we hire and retain capable hands for all job roles. We believe strongly in a motivated team. Therefore, we ensure continuous professional/personal development of our teachers and we have a welfare structure that takes care of the needs of every member of staff.

It is our desire to always do more and be more. To this end, we always seek for improvement and we encourage every member of staff not to rest until they achieve their best.
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