“Heads-up everyone!”

You must have heard this a couple of times. Each time you heard heads-up, you prepared and kept yourself at alert.

For us at Walktall International School, we prepare pupils and students for global leadership positions and we keep them alert about global change.

Global leadership does not have an agreed definition yet. But what comes to mind immediately global leadership is mentioned is the ability to transform lives and drive positive change globally.

It takes a process to become a leader that can be reckoned with globally. This process is what we have put into 3 Cs- Courage, Competence and Character.

Courage is the ability to do-it-afraid. We instill courage in our pupils and students by giving them challenges, allowing them make mistakes, guiding them to rise up again and encouraging them to soar on until they achieve the task.

There is no doubt that when someone is not competent, such a person will not perform up to task. The ability to do things efficiently is central to an individual’s success in this ever-changing world. This is why we provide a conducive learning environment, Montessori materials and technological devices for our teachers to facilitate learning.

An African proverb says “good character is the beauty of every individual”. To influence the thoughts, attitudes and behaviour of a global community, we equip our pupils and students with “an infectious positive social habit”.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution staring at our faces, the post COVID-19 pandemic will bring a lot of change to the future of work. We cannot afford to have our pupils left behind, rather we intend to have them lead the change.

We have included online learning in our curriculum and we are proud that our pupils are excited about it.

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