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 E-MAIL: info@walktallinternationalschools.com


Dear Esteemed Parents,

APPRECIATION: We, the staff, pupils and students of Walktall International Schools jointly thank Almighty God for granting us a successful end of the session 2018/2019. We also thank our parents/guardians for their unflinching support and cooperation which assisted us immensely during the various activities that characterized this session.


CHILDREN’S DAY CELEBRATION: This year Children’s Day was tagged, “I CAN” which was celebrated in the School on Friday 24th May, 2019 with various activities such as cooking, singing, dancing, playing of instruments etc. We appreciate all our parents that gave their support in seeing that the day was a success.

P.T.F: This was observed on Saturday 25th May, 2019. The management is using this medium to appreciate parents who came around during the PTF.

OPEN DAY: Friday 28th June marked this term open day. Parents interacted with class teachers on how to get the best out of their ward(s). We hope that you enjoyed the opportunities we have provided for you to come into the school and share in your child’s learning and experiences.

GREEN COLOUR DAY: The Green Colour Day was a whoa with your support. The event took place on Friday 12th July, 2019. The green colour day was centred on meaning, identification, significant of colour green, fruits with green colour, games and lots more. Pupils/students were dressed in green colour and also came with fruits, foods and drinks with green.

HANGOUT WITH PROPRIETRESS: Year Six pupils were hosted by the Proprietress to Sheraton Hotel on Friday 18Th January,2019and Ikeja City Mall Cinema on Thursday 18th July, 2019 to view a Spider man movie. This was done to join the campaign of bring back Year Six and also to encourage parents in seeing that child/ward go through Year Six before processing to Secondary school. 

END OF THE SESSION/GRADUATION: We ended the term with the end of session/graduation ceremony which was held on Thursday 01st August, 2019. We appreciate all our parents that supported us in cash and kind for a successful hosting of the party. Thanks a million.

REPORT CARD/SCHOOL FESS: Kindly visit the school result portal to check your child’s result and fees for First term of 2019/2020. For pupils that joined the school this term; a password and username have been generated for you. After your first logon, you can then change your password and username. Site for result/fees checking is www.sims.walktallinternationalschool.com  

PROMPT PAYMENT OF SCHOOL FEES: All parents are hereby notified of the need to pay up all outstanding fees of their child/ward during the holiday period. Parents are also advised to pay up on or before the resumption for the next academic session. We pray that God will enlarge your financial coast. The school account details are as follows:

                    First Bank                                                          2013552927

                    GTB                                                                    0109286726

                    ZENITH                                                              1012079729

                    KEYSTONE                                                         1000531871

                    ECO BANK                                                         2222024782

WHATSAPP GROUP: Parents who are not yet on the Whatsapp group should text “add to whatsapp, name/phone no” to 08033025823 – SMS only.

SUMMER COACHING: The summer coaching will feature academic subjects especially English and Mathematics together with co-curricular activities. Summer coaching commences on Wednesday 07th – Friday 30th August, 2019. From 9am – 1pm (Monday – Thursday) and 9am – 12 noon (Friday). The fee is N5,000 (Five thousand naira only). Also the Crèche will be opened to both old and new parents.

HOLIDAY/RESUMPTION: We wish to officially announce the end of 2018/2019 academic year. School resumes on Monday 23rd Sept., 2019. Have a peaceful fun filled time at home and see you in September